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Helsingin Tuomiokirkko, presidentin linna ja meri talvisena iltana.


Contact us and we will map out suitable waiters for your event in the Helsinki area.

Tarjoilijat juhlissa Helsingissä ystävystyvät toisiinsa ennen tulevaa työvuoroa.

Helsinki is our head city. We have a pool of about 100 trained waiters in Helsinki who are ready to help you!


We have built a comprehensive co-operation network in Helsinki, with which the co-operation works in two directions - either they need catering staff from us for their customer's event or we need food for our customer's event. For the most part, we operate as a human resources service for catering companies that need skilled staff.


We also have a lot of committed regular customers in Helsinki who use our services when organizing family parties, evening parties and other small parties. Take a step towards an effortless party and join our other satisfied customers!


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