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Tarjoilija tarjoilee kuohuviiniä tarjottimella kauniissa hääpaikassa Turussa.

Welcome to the Career Page

On this page you will find CaterMate vacanct positions, as well as an open job application. Here you can also read more about CaterMate as an employer.

Avoimet paikat
Tarjoilijat juhlissa Helsingissä ystävystyvät toisiinsa ennen tulevaa työvuoroa.

catermate as an employer

CaterMate already employs about 60 people in Finland.


We are the perfect workplace for you who want to start or continue your career in a youthful and flexible work environment. CaterMate is known for our tremendous team spirit among our employees. CaterMate is a family where we take care of each other and have fun together.


As a CaterMate employee, you get the following benefits:

Competitive salary

Flexible workshifts

Master customer service

Fantastic colleagues

A superb environment for self-improvement


A typical CaterMate waitress has a service attitude and has knowledge of customer service. For our staff, customer satisfaction is always the most important feature of the service. We strive for perfection at every stage, and meet all customer requirements at the highest possible level. All waiters go through a training process where they learn to serve in a true CaterMate style.


The training involves a three-step process in which staff first go through the important details in our teaching material and then perform a simulated test of what the actual event might look like. This takes place in a practical environment that corresponds to a real case scenario. The training also covers practical ways of working in groups and as an individual in the human resources sector. After the simulated training, all trainees are tested individually based on what they have learned by performing various applied tests.

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