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Tampere talvisena iltana kaupunkivaloissa


Contact us and we will map out suitable waiters for your event in Tampere, Pirkanmaa.

CaterMaten tarjoilijat iloisina keikalla ennen vieraiden saapumista

When the world came to a halt due to the pandemic in 2020, it gave us time to further develop our business. Once the situation calmed down, we took a tremendous leap and expanded our operations to Tampere. During the spring of 2022, we assembled a team of over 15 talented waitstaff in Tampere and found our first wonderful local partners.

Our operations in Tampere are based on the same concept as in other cities. We recruit amazing individuals whom we train to become top-notch servers and team players!

Tampere has seen tremendous growth in recent years, and we believe that our catering services are a perfect fit for this innovative and thriving area. We now offer skilled catering services for both large and small events to catering companies, restaurants, and individuals in the Tampere region.

Join us in creating a success story and book your servers through us!

our PARTNERS in Tampere

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