Naistarjoilija kaataa roseeviiniä laseihin kauniissa juhlasalissa Helsingissä kesäpäivänä.




"Waitering should be done with a smile"

That’s what CaterMate founder Alexander Silén said in 2016 when the company was founded. This motto is still very much in the spirit of our daily activities - and will always be. In 2015, we were volunteering to serve our acquaintances at a student party. We were asked what company we represent, when our customer service was so positive and with the right attitudes? Although none of us had ever attended training in the catering industry, we found that attitude alone can get you far. Since that day, we have changed the Finnish serving industry one step at a time.

Kaksi hymyilevää miestarjoilijaa vastaanottavat juhlaväkeä kadulla Helsingissä.

Today, CaterMate's happy team includes about 60 waiters in Helsinki and Turku. Our partners in the HoReCa-industry are the best of the best, and our over 10 000 served hours guarantee our quality! The quality of the service is ensured by the CaterMate training that each employee has gone through. Our “Relax, it's your party!” philosophy ensures that every event becomes unforgettable. I hope we can make your event perfect too!

Oliver Mänttäri, CEO

chapter two:

For many reasons, 2020 will be a memorable year as the corona crisis silenced the entire world for months. For CaterMate, this meant that we could not employ our waiters when our business came to a complete halt overnight. So we came up with an alternative solution, and quickly built the LunchMate delivery service to sustain our business. LunchMate was designed to support local catering services whose business would otherwise have stalled, employ our employees, and bring delicious lunches to busy families. LunchMate successfully delivered hundreds of lunches in the Helsinki metropolitan area and Turku. However, we decided to close down LunchMate when the restaurants opened their doors again on June 1, 2020. Our work here was done!

Tarjoilija jakaa lounastoimituksia Helsingissä.

koronan jälkeen

Heti rajoituksien hellityttyä 2021 rupesi puhelin soimaan, monet ravintola- ja catering-alan työntekijät olivat lopettaneet ja siirtyneet toiselle alalle. 80% ravintoloista oli vaikeuksia löytää henkilökuntaa ja juhlia oli kahden vuoden edestä. Myös hakijoiden määrä HoReCa-alan opintoihin oli pudonnut 10 tuhannesta (2018), noin tuhanteen (2020). Monet kilpailijamme olivat lopettaneet toimintansa. Olemme vuodessa rekrytoineet ja kouluttaneet yli 100 tarjoilijaa HoReCa-alalle. Me etsimme oikeat henkilöt ja innovatiivisen koulutusprosessimme avulla luomme tarjoilijoita alalle joka niitä tarvitsee enemmän ja enemmän. Tämän vuoden lopussa CaterMatella tulee olemaan noin 200 tarjoilijaa Helsingissä, Turussa ja Tampereella.