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Horeca covid-19 jälkeen - online event


Tuesday 7.7.2020

Description of the event: The HoReCa industry gradually opened its doors to customers after a break that lasted several months on June 1, 2020. How should the HoReCa industry adapt to the ‘new normal’? CaterMate is organizing an online event for HoReCa professionals, operators, employees and those interested in the industry to review the adaptation models of different industries to the challenges posed by the corona crisis. The online event is an opportunity to network with different actors, as well as get practical tips on how to operate.


Venue: The event will be held in the Deal Room and Slack forums, securely online. You should register for the event, even if you are unable to attend, as we will email a video recording to all attendees.


A preliminary schedule and program for the event will be published here later.

Kokki tekee ruokaa keittiössä Turussa.
Verkkotapahtuma HoReCa covid-19 Jälkeen
Image by Nathan Ansell

why horeca?

CaterMate has a strong connection to the hotel, restaurant and catering industry, so this is why the HoReCa industry seemed like a natural alternative. As we said in the blog post Näin syntyi LunchMate, we were shocked when news of the restrictions caused by the coronavirus spread to our ears and took effect. The HoReCa industry froze overnight, and suddenly all of our employees were out of work. This also applied to our dear partners, catering services, and this seemed to last for months.


online events?

CaterMate, for our part, ended up with a solution called LunchMate, which served as a lunch delivery service in selected areas. LunchMate started in an online hackathon when we were able to come up with ideas together as well as network with other professionals. When LunchMate got underway, we decided we wanted to give others the same opportunity. We believe we will survive this together. For this reason, we will create a series of online events where HoReCa professionals and those interested in the industry have the opportunity to hear about the latest events and trends in the industry, get practical tips on operations and business, and network with each other and potential new employees.

Verkkotapahtuma tietokoneella jääkahvin kanssa

do you want to participate?

Individual participants: You can participate in the event by registering in the Deal Room and HoReCa covid-19 After the event, click here. The event also has its own Facebook page, which you can find here.



Companies: If you would like to attend the event as your main partner, partner, sponsor or speaker, and thus influence the content of the event, you can contact us at:


Pia Blomqvist

Area Manager, Helsinki

CaterMate / LunchMate

+358 405528470

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